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A colleague of mine used to always say learning feels good. It's definitely one of my favorite experiences. I believe everyone wants to learn, and everyone wants to perform well, but often they're not given the right tools and support to do so. I feel fulfilled when I'm able to share my love of learning with others by designing learning experiences that are enjoyable, meaningful, and effective. 

As a former educator, I've worked with a lot of reluctant learners, as you can imagine, but I've found that with the appropriate amount of challenge and letting relevance be my guide, even the most resistant learner will be engaged and make progress.

Throughout my career, I've created highly impactful learning programs in a variety of settings. I measure my effectiveness by setting real goals and evaluating my success through real results for both individuals and for organizations. I'm a natural problem solver and have helped organizations solve business problems and improve processes because I'm continuously looking for better ways of doing things.

When I’m not working, I’m learning. On the rare occasion I haven’t disappeared down a rabbit hole on the most recent topic to catch my interest, you can probably find me camping by a river, experimenting with a new plant-based recipe, or trying and failing miserably at maintaining my patio herb garden (my 18 houseplants are thriving, though!).



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